Phuket is often referred to as the 'Pearl of the South' and for scuba divers it's certainly the crown jewel of the Andaman Sea. It is one of the most renowned diving regions in the world. This island paradise lies only 8 degrees north of the equator; it enjoys a tropical climate with average water temperature of 28 C / 78 F and has an unmatched variety of aquatic life.

For divers the true treasures of the Andaman Sea are hidden below the surface where the vast panorama explodes into a virtual symphony of colors and corals. The warm, clear water draaws large schools of tropical fish, manta rays, and the awe-inspiring whale shark. The wealth of aquatic life combined with good visibility will delight underwater photographers and marine naturalists.

The dive sites available vary enormously and offer a full range of dive-profiles, from lazy drift dives through beautiful coral gardens, to spectacular cavern dives, or fascinating dives along sheer granite walls with a different creature in every hole and crevice.