ONE DAY COURSES (no certification). In less than an hour, you can experience a taste of weightless adventure in the security and warmth of a confined water under the caring guidance of an Instructor, then you will be scuba diving among the coral gardens of an exotic island. The One Day Courses program is a quick and fun way to discover if scuba diving is for you.
OPENWATER DIVER. After successfully completing a series of formal
academic sessions and in-water skill training, including rescue, you'll receive your Scuba Diver Certification Card. Respected around the world, your diving card will give you access to diving services reserved solely for adventurers with your unique training and qualifications.
ADVANCED DIVER. 2 day of serious fun for the certified diver seeking new challenges and unique adventures (no classroom for this course). For the newly initiated, the self- confidence gained under the continued guidance of an Instructor can be invaluable. And for the experienced diver, learning about new diving environments and being introduced to different diving activities will increase the pleasures of diving.
RESCUE DIVER. 2-3 Days. The best diver training we hope you'll never use.
Knowing how to identifuy symptoms of stress and panic that may lead to the necessity of rescue for either yourself or your diving partner and having solid skill training in both surface and underwater rescue will make you a better diver and a sought-after diving partner.
DIVEMASTER. Whitin 3 weeks (7 full days). With your exceptional leadership skills and desire to oversee the activities and diving enjoyment of others, you will find volunteer and employment opportunities with diving resorts, cruise ships, dive stores, clubs and universities around the world. You'll also be valuable during diver training, fulfilling the role of course assistant.