About Safety
In all operations our guests' comfort and safety is of greatest importance at Scuba Cat. We are a longtime corporate sponsor of Divers Alert Network (DAN) and a charter sponsor of our recompression chamber facility here in Phuket. All of our dive boats are fully equipped with first aid facilities including DAN emergency oxygen kits with demand valve delivery. Our live aboards also carry large supplemental oxygency linders.
Both 'Scuba Cat' and 'Scuba Adventure' have two main propulsion engines, and two main generators-a necessity for safety in extended-range operation. 'Scuba Cat' has two inflatable tenders and 'Scuba Adventure' has one. Both vessels have CB and VHF radio transceivers, and cellular telephones that provide instant communication with emergency services, and DAN, if required.
To assure safe navigation during extended-range cruises 'Scuba Adventure' is RADAR equipped and has an integrated GPS, depth-sounder, and map display unit - we know where we are and we know where we are going.
Finally, and most importantly, is our staff: All dive staff on our live aboards are highly -qualified professionals and long-time residents of Phuket. Their expert insight into dive operations in the Andaman Sea and their experience in having coped with a variety of situations, helps to ensure our guests' comfort and safety. AND THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT.
Happily, due to increased environmental awareness and activity, each year the diving in the Similans improves. While other areas around the globe deteriorate through thoughtless management, we are enjoying better coral growth and more large fish sightings. But don't wait for it to get any better ! Enjoy the Andaman Sea now, with sus.