Southern Trip
'Red Rock' consists of three small rocks that are visible at the surface and then plunge to depths of over 70 meters underwater. With a 50 meter vertical wall on one side and a relatively gentle slope on the other, this is one of the most dramatic dives in Thai waters.
Looking up through 35 or 40 meters of clear water, watching the rock form a peak surrounded by clouds of schooling fish is an awesome experience. Hanging motionless next to the vertical wall, staring our into the blue looking for the big animals we frequently sight here, makes you happy that there are still places like this left in the world.
Appropriately named Purple Rock, this underwater rock is completely covered with purple and pink soft corals that dazzle the senses. About the size of a football field and shaped like a giant loaf of bread, this dive is the highlight of the trip.
The amount of colorful marine life, including huge sea fans and beautiful tropical fish, is easily on par with the quality of diving in the Similans. In fact, as a single dive site, it is probably one of the most fantastic places in the world.
Schools of jacks and tuna surround the pinnacle, and shark sightings, including leopards and gray reef sharks are not uncommon. Hin Muang, along with Hin Daeng, is one of the best places in Thailand for observing that gentle giant the whale shark. Swimming with one of these creatures in unlike any other diving experience, and leaves a life-long impression.