Because we love diving, because we are lucky enough to work in an industry we enjoy immensely and because we live here, diving every single day, you could say we know a thing or two that can help you enjoy your precious time here in this under water paradise.
Sea world dive team believe that you should not have to put up with tired and jaded instructions, and we know that the time you have on your holiday is something that me have to last you a year or even more. We have invested in some of the best personalities in the industry who also happen to be superb and experienced divers to make sure that you get the best companions, in the safest environment.
If you stay with us at Sea World Dive Resort you can live, eat and breath diving every single minute of the day, in the company of people who really care about the sport. Available for advice and training pool in the resort, to test those newly acquired skills. If you book onto any of the many trips, either liveaboard or daily excursions that we do, you know that you will be diving with fellow enthusiasts with expert knowledge of he area.